Resourcing Church Partnership

We’re Planting a New Church!

Since the Great Commission the vision of the Church has been to go, with the authority and presence of Christ, to make disciples of all nations.

Our aim is to continue to fulfil our calling to reach the 93% of our nation that have little or no contact with the Gospel.  Church Planting is currently seen as the most effective way of Church Growth.

The aim is to plant churches who then plant churches, who plant churches.

How did this come about?

Resourcing Churches, those with the capacity to plant new churches – have been in the Diocesan thinking for about 18 months. In August 2017 The Good Shepherd church, along with every other parish in the Diocese of Leicester, were invited to an evening at St Martin’s House.

Along with Bishop Martyn and the Mission and Ministry Team, we explored the issues associated with planting an new church as well as the overall concept.

Prior to this meeting Sue had met with Revd Michael Broadley, Rector of Emmanuel Church, to discuss the possibility, as well as the opportunity, to work in partnership to plant a church into the Grange Park Estate, which is in the Good Shepherd Parish.  In partnership with Emmanuel, we submitted our papers and attended the Discernment Retreat.

After a rigorous as well as exhausting process the Bishop designated Emmanuel, in partnership with the Good Shepherd, as a Resourcing Church.  Together, we’ll take the next steps in creating a worshipping community on Grange Park Estate.

What Are Our Plans?

We are planning to plant at least two churches within the next 6 years in partnership with Emmanuel Church.

The first will be on the Grange Park Estate and later the second in the Beacon Academy Area; both in the Good Shepherd Parish. Alongside this we intend to plant some fresh expressions of church in both of our parishes. Overall it is recognised that Emmanuel has the resources and the Good Shepherd the relationships for us to plant within these two areas.

Exciting and Daunting

We feel that this is an exciting as well as a daunting venture. It is exciting in terms of seeing what God can do amongst us.

There will be losses as well as gains for both churches. The people who will form the new church plants will take with them their gifts as well as their finance. However churches who have planted in the past have discovered that God inevitably provides the growth in the sending churches.

What happens next?

As we are working in partnership together we are forming a Memorandum of Understanding. This will focus on how we work together in planting churches.

On the 11th July 2018, Leicester Diocese was pleased to announce that it’s funding bid for Resourcing Churches from the Church Commissioners had been successful.  So our work in partnership with Emmanuel Church can begin as we look to develop new worshipping communities in our parishes but also encourage and develop our current communities too.

We would all really value your prayers as well as support as we embark on this exciting venture in Christ.

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