Mission Focus and Prayer Breakfasts

Here are a few ideas for prayer for different groups of people around the world. Let us remember that God is in charge. He sees, He hears, He knows and He cares. (Exodus 2:24-5).

  • Pray for refugees across  the world. Pray for Christians trying to help relieve their distress whilst Covid-19 continues to make life even more difficult.
  • GideonsUK have been sending out scriptures to hospital chaplains who asked for them and many other organisations too, pray for many to find help.
  • Pray for Peter and Martina Morris working in Germany.
  • Pray for Kedmon and Monica and their coworkers and students in Tanzania. Medical facilities are not adequate there.
  • You watch the news… Pray as you do.

For monthly Prayer Breakfast notes please our A Church Near You Page