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  • An Anglican Church in Loughborough

    At the Good Shepherd we base what we believe and do on the Bible, and try to help people find a living faith in Jesus Christ.

    The church has an evangelical approach to its life together and we welcome people from all backgrounds and traditions.

    Besides Sunday Services, the Church has a range of activities held on the Church premises throughout the week.

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  • Celebrating Our 80th Birthday

    The church grew out of a Women’s Friendly Group in Shelthorpe, a pre-war housing estate on the south side of Loughborough, in the 1930s. The church was built in 1938 as a Mission Church as part of the larger Emmanuel Parish. By the late fifties a need was felt for a building that could house the many social events.

    The Parish of Shelthorpe was established in 1969. The name was changed to The Good Shepherd, Loughborough in 1979.

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  • Come & Join Us

    The Good Shepherd Church premise is centrally located in the parish and surrounded by a residential area. It is in an excellent position on a busy road.

    Today, the Good Shepherd is seeking to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus to a parish with an estimate of 12,000 people and we pray that the mission may long continue.

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