Messy Church

Messy Church is a different kind of church gathering, generally held on a day other than Sunday which is aimed at all ages and all families, large or small. Normally at the Good Shepherd, Messy Church is on a Saturday afternoon once a month – BUT NOW it is on-line all the time!

Messy Church is church in its own right – even on-line. It doesn’t follow the format of traditional church because it provides something which is tailored for anyone who has no previous experience of church and those who have lots.

It offers a variety of ways of thinking about the things that Jesus, and others, taught through the Bible, of worshipping God and caring for each other in prayer and practical ways.

Last week we thought about helping, this week we are thinking about how Jesus cares for us and loves us so much, how he doesn’t want us to worry about things because he knows what we need. One of the reasons Jesus taught us his special prayer was so that we wouldn’t worry about things but instead we would let him know about them and then he will help us.

Sometimes we come across special things that help us to remember this and it is good to save them, so we don’t forget. There is a challenge this week to make a special chest to keep these things safe. If you send a picture of yours in there will be a prize!!

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