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Church Opening Again

A message from Sue

Reflecting on all the heartache that so many have suffered in these last twelve months, not just in Shelthorpe, or Loughborough, or even the UK, but around the world, reminds me that all of creation suffers when one part does, and perhaps we forget that at our peril.

The Risk Management Team recently met together to look at how we can begin to open up our buildings more widely, continue our recovery whilst still taking some respite in order to reshape ourselves as the Good Shepherd Church as we move into the Autumn.

I want to thank you all for everything you’ve done to help keep each other, and our communities, safe during this Covid-19 crisis.

Every time you’ve sanitised your hands, worn a face covering and kept a safe distance, it’s made a real difference, wherever you have been.

However, just like lots of other organisations, we feel that some of the things we have learnt to do in this time should remain for the time being, particularly because our building is small.

So, the Risk Management Team and I feel that, particularly during August, there are a few optimistic changes we can make, but at the same time keeping a cautious watch on local infection rates and hospital admissions. Please click the button below to find out more.

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