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Church Opening Again

A message from Sue

The anniversary this week of closing our church doors was indeed hard to bear.

Reflecting on all the heartache that so many have suffered in these last twelve months, not just in Shelthorpe, or Loughborough, or even the UK, but around the world, reminds me that all of creation suffers when one part does, and perhaps we forget that at our peril.

As Holy Week draws us to Easter and reminds us of God’s love and faithfulness to his Church, surely bringing our prayer and praise as at no other time is what we must do.

To that end, this week everyone will have received an envelope containing more envelopes! There is one for each day of Holy Week – together with Holy Week bible readings and a quick question sheet.

I do hope that this will all help us in our Holy Week journey this year when we are not able to meet together as we have in other years.

However, I have no doubt that like me, you will be pleased to know that following current Government and National Church of England guidance we feel able to open the doors of the Church once more.

It is true to say that not every church yet is able to do this, but after review on 22 March our Risk Management Team feel that we can safely go ahead with some special occasions on Good Friday and then services on Sundays from Easter Sunday onwards – although also keeping in mind that circumstances could change again.

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