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Shaped by God Together

Shaped by God Together

The last 6 months have shaken us in unprecedented ways and as we begin to emerge we do so blinking into the light of a new world. So, what is required of us? What might God be saying, what, undreamed of, opportunities have opened before us?  What are stories that we might have to tell if we pause for a moment to listen and reflect?

There is an invitation to everyone who is part of our diocesan family to share stories of what they have been learning about everyday prayer, everyday witness and everyday action.

Open to people of all backgrounds, all ages, all circumstances, everyone in our faith communities is invited to participate in ‘Gathering Stories – Generating Insights’ from 3 – 30 September 2020.

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As a Resourcing Church Partner we have the specific opportunity to have our stories gathered together for us to consider separately; we believe that this will be really helpful to us as we seek to find ways to minister to the 93% who still don’t know about Jesus.

So, to make your contribution it is very simple: click on the link below (please don’t use the ones on the website as your story won’t be gathered as a specific Resourcing Church story that way) and start sharing your story, anecdote or example in response to one of 3 simple questions.

It will take you about 10 minutes. You don’t need to tell a long or complex story – in fact the shorter and simpler contributions work best in this process – imagine being at a social or a family event and you are sharing an experience, or perhaps two or three experiences as the survey allows you to tell more than one story…