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We’re a Pilot Church!

January & February 2020

#FollowTheStar into 2020 with our ‘Beyond the Stable’ and ‘Share the Light’ pilot.

#FollowTheStar has reached and engaged millions of people, helping them to discover all that Christmas at church can mean. Churches are welcoming all ages to a huge range of services, and online resources are encouraging them to pray at home. But this year, we are one of a number of churches piloting an invitation to families and children to return after Christmas.

All the research that we have done around Life Events has told us clearly that being invited is key to continuing a faith journey. So 200 churches across the country are taking part in a pilot scheme to invite families who attend crib and carol services to go ‘Beyond the Stable’ at services on or around 5th January (Epiphany).

When they come to the service, they will get a simple take-home gift to encourage prayer at home – and an invite to return to ‘Share the Light’ at a service on or near 2nd February (Candlemas). And at that service, there will be a simple take-home gift to encourage prayer.

This is a great opportunity to build on the impact of #FollowTheStar and create relationships with families that will encourage them on their faith journey. It can also encourage the local congregation as they begin to meet people beyond Christmas, and journey together to follow the Christ Child who is the Saviour of the world.