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Logos Hope Visit

June 14th – July 13th 2018

Ken is visiting Logos Hope for the month!

Ken has been asked to continue the training of 10 young engine room watchkeepers, most of whom are in this photo.

This training is for those who want it and are committed to working on the ship.  This year’s group come from Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and possibly Kazakhstan.

Ken will become part of the engine department staff, sharing their community life working under the chief engineer, Adam Dawson.  They all work five days a week then take part in an outreach “C-Day” and then have a rest day.

C days include church, school and prison visits – as well as hosting groups meeting on board and mingling with the many visitors to the ship.  In the last port in Vera Cruz, Mexico, over 200,000 visited the ship in 6 weeks!

We’re holding Ken in our prayers whilst he trains these young people, and he has specifically asked us to give thanks and pray for:

  • The many visitors to the ship, learning and meeting crew members from some 60 countries who live in community.
  • The encouragement of the local churches and of the many local volunteers who help them in each port.
  • That the Able Seafarer Engine Training which he leads will help them run ship safely, efficiently and in harmony – giving glory to God.
  • That it will prepare all the trainees for life after their two years on board, serving the Lord across the world.

If you’d like more information on Logos Hope and the work that they do, simply click on the image below.