Mission Focus

Logos Hope

Ken and Jackie are on the Logos Hope Ship and have been sailing from Rosario down river to Buenos Aries.

An accident with another boat slowed them up somewhat but no-one was hurt. Although it meant a long wait for us, it all went remarkably quickly for an incident of this kind – often there are endless repercussions as insurers fight about who is to pay what. So, we thank the Lord we could sail eventually.

About 10 officials of various kinds came aboard and they were amazed and impressed with the atmosphere on board – ‘It’s a floating church!’ said one.

Ken is very busy, but nearly everyone he needed to teach, and coach, has been on board with more time than usual, so he has been hard at it, teaching one group in the mornings and another in the afternoons. He also hopes to meet up with others involved in this training to plan and update the training for the new people who arrive in late September.

Jackie is meeting Rosalba, 40, a Venezuelan missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ in Latin America for some years, each afternoon for English lessons – helping her to better pronunciation so that she is more readily understood. She has an amazing testimony. She is praying earnestly for North Korea and longs to go there. It is amazing to meet so many on board who are deeply concerned for the least-reached people around the world, and who are planning to go.

They are rationed for water as the delay means they are running low. 400+ people use a lot! The ship normally makes fresh water at sea but cannot run the machinery in rivers as they are too dirty with silt, debris and pollution. So: no hot water to discourage showers, no personal laundry, and we are using disposable tableware for meals. You can imagine they are eager to get to port and fill up the tanks. The weather is now slightly warmer too which is helping!