Mission Focus

Ken’s visit to Logos Hope October 2018.

The ship Logos Hope is a converted ferry which houses 400 plus young people Christians from 60 nations. They volunteer for two years or more to receive training in practical Christian living, Bible study, prayer, and sharing the good news.

Each one is also assigned to some practical task on board, whether cleaning, cooking, serving meals, helping with the large on-board Book Fair, and running events, or perhaps behind the scenes on deck or in the engine room.

Ken goes out to train those assigned to the engine department. They share in watchkeeping under the professional engineers, minding the machinery which keeps the ship running even in port.

This time he trained about 10 keen youngsters, two of whom are guinea-pigs for the new Electrician’s course. If they complete practical tasks over the next year they can be given an internationally recognised qualification as Able Seamen Engine.

Logos Hope has been having a busy and exciting time in Guatemala, then El Salvador, and then Costa Rica. The ship has had 100,000 visitors in one small port where the local population was only 35,000 – so many travelled a long way. Many responded to the challenge to follow Christ.

The crew have been challenging local churches to send out workers to the Middle East, where Central Americans are welcome and generally adapt well.