Mission Focus

Logos Hope 2019

Ken Rotter returns to Logos Hope to train new Engine-room recruits from late September to early November. He will be in Brazil.

The main focus of the ship’s ministry in Latin America is raising up prayer, workers and support for work among the LEAST-REACHED of the world.

While the spread of Christianity has been nothing short of supernatural, there are still huge segments of the world’s population that have never heard the name of Jesus, let alone a clear presentation of the message of salvation. Many of them live in the area known as the 10/40 window (see map).

These ‘people groups’ can be identified by language, geography and cultural factors. For evangelization purposes, a people group is the largest group within which the Gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance. There are thousands of such groups, and perhaps 7000 groups who have no viable Christian witness.

The ship team are sharing this information with the growing churches in Latin America and urging them to be part of the answer. So far, the response has been encouraging. Let’s pray for a great wave of fresh labourers for the harvest field across the world.

Lots more info at joshuaproject.net!