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Thought for the Month

I remember being told as a child that I had better than ‘2020 vision’, that my eyes worked really well! By 19 however, that had changed and although they worked, and still work, really well in the distance – close up they are not so good at all! What changed?

I got older, I was doing more concentrated near sight work, particularly at a computer screen, but also fine embroidery and lots of reading! I wasn’t wearing my eyes out so much as using them a lot!

Glasses have been the answer, and as you may know I know have a pair for indoors and a pair for outdoors – they emphasise different parts of my vision for different purposes – but they both help me see, and see clearly!

As we have reached 2020 perhaps it is a cliché to talk about our ‘2020 vision’, about what we are seeing clearly in our life together and our journey with God, but nonetheless I think it is important.

Over the last couple of years, we have begun our resourcing church partnership with Emmanuel, together we have planted a new church, STB, on the Grange Park Estate and at the same time, developed our Messy Church, links with schools, and our everyday discipleship.

But all that is looking backwards – surely now at the beginning of a new decade it is important that we look forwards, with God’s help (with his glasses on I suppose you could say!), to see better what he wants for us next!

Our annual prayer card is a reminder for this, this year. As we listen and talk to God together, the verses from Proverbs 4 remind us to look forwards with him for the way to travel, so that we can continue in our commitment to make Jesus known by growing, inviting and serving, our parish, our friends and family.

To do this we will need to see clearly, we will need to see God’s vison for us, this will take time and effort, but then our ‘everyday discipleship’ takes that doesn’t it.

Can I therefore invite you to join me on this next part of our journey, let’s help each other to see God’s vision for us, and then put it into practice.

With my prayers for you for 2020