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Thought for the Month

The clocks have gone back, our daylight hours are changing, leaves are falling from the trees, heating thermostats are being turned up… winter is on the way and all that it holds.

November is the month for remembering, All Saints, All Souls’, Remembrance Sunday, Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. As we gather and remember of course we are making new memories to remember in the future.

So, this time next year I wonder what we will be remembering from now.

Perhaps it will the amazing beauty of this time of year, perhaps it will be new friendships that we have formed, perhaps it will be those we miss… perhaps it will be some of the things we have learnt together in recent times.

One thing is for sure, all these things will become part of our story, our stories of lives of faith working together for the growth of the Kingdom of God. What is the most important thing about stories? I suspect that it is that they are told! What stories will we be telling this time next year?

As we journey together, I hope that there will be new stories of generosity, faith, care and hope. To that end, one thing we have done is to recognise that caring for each other is really important. The PCC have appointed a small team of people to share in our pastoral ministry, the way in which we look out for each other, and people in the wider parish.

Those working with me are Michael Devlin, Ed Grainger, Mick Gregory, Margaret Harper, and Jackie Rotter. This part of our ministry can take many forms as support is given to both spiritual and general wellbeing for individuals brought to our attention. We have some guidelines and procedures that we will be following as to how we help individuals to ensure safeguarding of all our vulnerable people.

The team is meeting monthly to support and encourage each other. An information sheet is posted on the noticeboard in the vestibule if you wish to know more.

Back to my question though – what stories will you be telling, will we be telling – not just next year but next week, next month? Will they be stories of life and love, of faith and hope?