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4 August Genesis 18.9 – 15

Sarah learnt to wait, the hard way! She tried helping God to fulfill his promise of making Abraham the Father of a great nation. The result was chaos, but God forgave her faithless bravery. Sarah’s greatest legacy is rooted in her commitment to family: her love and respect for Abraham, as well as her courage to pursue what she considers best for him. What about those we love and care about?

11 August 1 Samuel 2.27 – 36

Eli in his late 90’s, had two problems in his life – he was an excellent priest but not such a good dad and over time his faith shifted from worship of the Creator to the created – the Ark of the Covenant became a relic to be protected rather than a reminder of the Protector. Can we learn from him about how to react in the situations we find ourselves every day?

18 August 2 Timothy 1.3 – 7

The story of how Timothy’s Gran and mum brought him up, shows us the great power godly mothers and grandmothers have to shape the younger generations to follow the Word of the Lord (Dads and Granddads too, of course!). What influences have we had / are we being?

25 August 1 Kings 9.1 – 9

Solomon was wise enough to ask God for the gift of wisdom – but it didn’t stop him from making some mistakes. He was given great possibilities as King of Israel, but with this came great responsibilities – he tended to pursue the former and neglect the latter! He was admired by those from afar but alienated from those he led. Where do you find meaning in your life?

1 September Ruth 4.13 – 22

Naomi moves east from Judah to Moab due to a famine that threatened to hurt her family in Bethlehem. In the 10 years they live in Moab, her sons take wives – Ruth and Orpah. Sadly, Naomi loses both of her sons and her husband. Naomi decides to move back to Bethlehem and Ruth goes too. Naomi hatches a plan to marry Ruth off to secure their financial futures. A happy ever after story, eventually! Naomi trusts God despite all the tragedy in her life – she does what is needed to survive in a ‘man’s world’. A deep faith in her redeeming Lord is paramount. How deep is your faith?

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